Why Workplace?

Today’s employees want to feel connected to their leaders. And CEO’s have made a shift too. 69% believe that company culture, especially transparency in internal communications, will drive future success. Collaborative communications that bring businesses closer together are the future. Here’s how Workplace creates community and happier more productive organisations.

Making work better

Workplace combines next-generation technology and easy-to-use features to transform communications, culture and workflows inside organisations of all shapes, sizes and industries.

Hold a two-way conversation – with the entire organisation

Getting everybody on the same page is tricky. Getting everybody in the same room can be impossible. Workplace enables seamless communication and knowledge sharing.

  • Share important information via News Feed to break down organisational silos
  • Get real-time feedback via likes and comments
  • Automatically add people into specific team /project based or company-wide groups
  • Use Live Video for more immediate, direct and authentic sharing from the leadership team
  • Become a truly global communicator with auto-translate

Engage employees to drive culture

Great organisations focus on their people. Workplace promotes an open way of working, encouraging feedback which engage employees and helps to drive cultural change.

  • Run polls in Groups to get a quick pulse on company issues
  • Use Workplace Chat bots to make payroll, benefits or on-boarding processes quicker and easier
  • Share Live Videos, webinars and articles for more efficient training
  • Connect new hires to the team (and each other) using Multi-Company Groups
  • Recognise employees quickly and easily in News Feed with a simple Reaction or even a GIF

Software that gets better the more people use it

Most collaboration software becomes harder to use the more popular it gets – like trying to have a quiet conversation in a crowded bar. Workplace combines the real-time urgency of instant messaging with more deliberate discussions in groups. So it doesn’t break under the strain of global scale.

  • Get real-time responses in Workplace Chat
  • Use project groups for more considered conversations
  • Machine learning means Workplace gets smarter and more relevant over time

Increase adoption of existing work tools

You’ve already invested in plenty of work tools. Why add another one? Well, Workplace acts as the ‘glue’ that brings all your tools together in one place, boosting adoption of what you already have. And it’s packed with familiar features that people love to use.

  • Easy deployment with one-click provisioning and single sign-on
  • Connect to the tools you already use
  • Discover new apps in the Integration Directory
  • Build custom integrations

At 300, we see Workplace as a Swiss Army Knife for your business. It can do pretty much anything you want and that’s where we come in. Understanding your problems is critical to high adoption and fantastic staff engagement. We aren’t another tech company, we are communications specialists with many years of big business experience and a very different perspective on things.

Get in touch to discuss how Workplace cements culture and transforms businesses.

Contact me, Phil Jenkins on 07813 159019 or at pj@the300.co